CV – English

1964 – 1968 Prof. Gunningschool, Velp
1968 – 1970 Prof. Casimirschool, Velp
1970 – 1976 Het Rhedens Lyceum, Rozendaal
1976 – 1979 MTS Arnhem, Arnhem
1980 – 1984 Survey curriculums
1984 – 1986 IT curriculums
1996 – now Autodesk-trainings
developer, product & business
various software development environments:
C/C++, HTML & JavaScript, XML/XSL, VB.NET, C#.NET
Field Surveyor 1979 – 1985
Geo-Meetdienst is a survey engineering company.
I was surveyor at different projects at home and abroad; among which surveyoperator at the special vessels Macoma, Ostrea & Taklift involved with the construction of the Oosterschelde Stormvloedkering and surveyconsultant at a waterpipelineproject in Saoedi-Arabia.
Support Engineer, Developer 1985 – 1989
Optronics was a commercial company; we sold survey equipment, computers, printers, plotters & software.
In 1984 we have started the development of TopoCAD; a survey software package that worked in co-operation with AutoCAD.
Developer 1989 – 1995
After the bankruptcy of Optronics, the profitable activities where taken over by Rocomp.
Product Mngr, Developer 1995 – 1998
In the beginning of 1995 the TopoCAD software-department was taken over by NedGraphics.
I became the product mngr for TopoCAD, responsible for future developments & strategy.
GIS Application Engineer BNL 1998 – 2001
I’ve joined Autodesk in july 1998 working for the Benelux GIS Team in the role of GIS Application Engineer.
(GIS = Geographical Informaton Systems)
Responsible for supporting channel partners, technical presentations & pilots for prospects, road-shows and seminars.
GIS Technical Sales Mngr EMEA 2001 – 2006
In may 2001 I’ve joined the EMEA GIS Sales Exec Team in the role of GIS Technical Sales Mngr.
(EMEA = Europe, Middle East & Africa)
A technical resource for both the own team, as the sales teams in the regions – responsible for EMEA input into product mngt/dev for the future GIS strategy – internal & resellers trainings, bootcamps, techcamps etc.etc.
GIS Consultant BNL 2006 – 2009
From may 2006 I was the new GIS Consulting Solution Executive in the Benelux.
A new function, where I worked together with the Autodesk sales & consultancy teams to spot for new project opportunities and carried both commercial & project responsibility.
After a pilot-period, the CSC-program has been started in EMEA in february 2007 and I became the first senior Customer Success Consultant.
Director, Owner
Senior CAD/GIS Software Consultant
1 april 2009 – now
In march 2009 I’ve started as selfemployed professional.
In march 2014 the sole proprietorship has been transformed into a private limited liability company; van der Pol-Consulting bv
july 2010 – december 2018
july 2010 – februari 2014 – Founding member, in the function of secretary.
consultant september 2011 – now
consultant august 2012 – december 2016
Geo Academie

VH logo
member 1 january 1965 – 1 september 2003
VH_110 spring 1980 – september 1981
Jubilee committee for 110th anniversary, in the function of chairman.
boardmember 4 march 1980 – 28 march 1988
In the function of 2nd chairman.
25th year membership october 1990
boardmember 29 october 1991 – 1 september 2003
First as acting chairman, from 6 april 1992 as 1st chairman.
webmaster From 1997 maintenance of the VH-website.
merger spring 2002 – 1 september 2003
Merger Velpse Harmonie and Kunst aan het Volk
in the function of chairman.
Unisono logo
member 1 september 2003 – now
boardmember 1 september 2003 – 9 february 2015
In the function of 1st chairman.
webmaster After the merge, both websites of VH & KahV merged into the website of Unisono.
40th year membership november 2005
50th year membership november 2015
Appointed honorary chairman.
RMF logo
boardmember 1 january 1994 – september 2012
In the function of secretary.
From 15 november 1995 acting chairman as well.
From 1 january 1996 in the function of 1st chairman.
nota ak 1996
One of the architects of the new note for the amature practice of art.
Roskamconsult 1996
Participant in consultation with various (professional & amature) practice of art organisations to research how to cut down expenses by acting together.
Founding member of The Alliantie Foundation.
webmaster From 1997 maintenance of the RMF-website.
musicperformance From november 2005 involved in the preparation of the RMF Musicperformance “Oevers van Rheton” 2009.
RMF ProMusica Foundation 27 october 2006 – 31 december 2010
Founding member, in the function of secretary.
musicperformance From november 2009 involved in the preparation of the RMF Musicperformance “Ode aan de Vrijheid” 2010.
CultuurBedrijf io 17 april 2011 – september 2012
Involved with the founding of the Rhedens CultuurBerijf; the joint venture of the Alliantie, Musica Allegra and the RMF.
merger september 2012 – The merger of the Alliantie, Musica Allegra and the RMF is the end of the Rhedense Muziek Federatie (after more than 32 years).
boardmember september 1996 – june 1998
Boardmember at the Streekmuziekschool Zuid-Oost Veluwe Foundation.
Member of the steering committee to establish the Musica Allegra Foundation.
member october 1996 – june 1998
Member of the committee Adviescommissie Kunst en Cultuur (AKC).
boardmember 30 june 1997 – may 2001
Boardmember on behalf of the RMF and co-founder of The Alliantie Foundation.
boardmember 1 october 2010 – september 2012
Boardmember on behalf of the RMF.
merger september 2012 – The merger of the Alliantie, Musica Allegra and the RMF.
boardmember 10 april 2012 – 31 december 2014
Boardmember (interim chairman) & co-founder.
RiQQ – Rhedense Instelling voor Cultuur en Kunst
decorandus november 2015
It has pleased His Majesty the King to appoint you as Member in the Order of Oranje-Nassau.
PvdA logo
member 16 march 2017 – now
participant Jan Schaper-course spring 2017 fase I
candidate and
campaign manager
Local Council Elections march 21 2018, Municipality Berg en Dal
boardmember 5 july 2017 – now
Boardmember, department Berg en Dal
from 27 november 2017 as Chairman
webmaster 28 august 2017 – now
Responsible for the website
participant Jan Schaper-course autumn 2017 fase II